We founded our design studio in 2010 in Malta after graduating from Franhoufer Germany and MCAST Malta. We came together with a shared vision of an aesthetic that is practical and stimulating. Because we understand our role in creating spaces that contribute to your quality of life, we value emotional connection above everything else. This lets us practise a philosophy where quality meets comfort and artistry to ensure that your space is the best it can be.

Here at Avocadoo, we focus on interior and product design, always with an eye for bespoke pieces that make your space, YOU.

-Founders-Amadeo Vella & Audrey Vella Sciberras

Our Ethos

Every space can be exploited and maximised to become something truly special. We work with your constraints of dimensions, budget and time while keeping in mind our design language in order to give your space what it deserves.

By working together as a team, we integrate the technical, structural, architectural and execution services under one roof. That way we can incorporate our design philosophy in every decision so that our clients can enjoy a seamless approach.

Our design language is that of superior quality materials, a marriage of old and new with a touch of colour and whim. New technologies and materials are prioritised when they do not compromise the overall character of the space.